About Us

QuakeLive.tv grew out of the success of EnemyTerritory.tv, a shoutcasting, demo and Video on Demand resource for the competitive community of Enemy Territory Quake Wars. When the popularity of ETQW began to wane, the ETTV staff saw an opportunity to continue their work with QuakeLive, and the QuakeLive.tv name was a natural way to build off of ETTV's successes. The QuakeLive.tv staff is entirely volunteer, and their love of the game serves as the motivation for putting in the many hours it takes to create videos, collect demos and provide the weekly shoutcasts.

Before launching the site, when QuakeLive was still in its beta stage, the QLTV staff started a bit of buzz around their planned features on the official QuakeLive forums. The community resoundingly approved of the idea and agreed that a dedicated shoutcasting presence for QuakeLive was needed.

QuakeLive.tv's goal is to supply everything in one destination--information on upcoming matches, archives of past matches, tons of great video on demand that shows full-length match replays from the lead shoutcaster's perspetive, an expansive demo collection, and tons of other great, community-building features.

Our Staff


Founder, Web Designer, Shoutcaster

Matt "Mattc0m" Richards is the founder of the Quake Live TV team, who designs all the graphics, operates the team, and shoutcasts occasionally. He is also known to play Quake Live.

He's a dedicated gamer, who also operates a personal blog dealing with gaming, design, and life. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Matt Richards is an active member of The American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention. He's also Canadian and very hairy.


Founder, Lead Shoutcaster, Web Coder

GreasedScotsman began his shoutcasting career with EnemyTerritory.tv. He joined ETTV back when it was just a group of guys without a website and has never looked back. In the down-time between leagues, Greased created a fully-fledged content management system for ETTV and then expanded on its design for QLTV. About 90% of what you see here on QLTV was coded by Greased.


Technical Director

Slava "stlava" Markeyev, also known as UncleJoe, has been gaming since the turn of the millennium. The majority of his in game time has been spent with team The United Force in ETQW. Slava comes to QLTV with experience in live television broadcasts and web development experience. He functions as our QuakeCon coordinator and technical guru.


Human Resources and PR Guy

Ben "FishStix" Goldhaber started playing games competitively with Tribes 1 in 1998.

As a dedicated team member and shoutcaster with EnemyTerritory.TV, it only made sense to move on to QLTV. Fish never played Q3, and only plays QL casually, but is willing to help out when needed.

Follow his adventures into the e-Sports world @FishStix


Jehar met the QL.tv staff at Quakecon 2009, and his appreciation for the good in mankind grew as a result. Now regularly casting and providing additional streams for the team, Jehar proud to service the community through QL.tv and Tastyspleen.tv.



Bryan "TGM" Roth has been gaming since the days of Duke Nukem 3d. One day he was introduced by a friend to Quake2 and hasn't looked back since. He has been involved in the Quake3 competitive scene for years and is currently moved onto QuakeLive. TGM brings a very good knowledge of the game and its top players to the team.



zamNN has been gaming out of the womb. He has played pc games such as Counter-Strike, and Quake Live. He also plays console games such as Halo 3, where he goes to local New Jersey tournaments to compete in. While he's not playing Halo 3 he also plays Quake Live casually in online leagues.


Writer, Shoutcaster
Nick "Kane" had no experience with the competitive aspect of the Quake scene until coming across QuakeLive in 2009 and quickly learning to play the game. While playing quenched part of his thirst for the digital massacre that is Quake, it was not enough, so he decided to get active and to put his "pen to the pad." Kane has since been working with QL.tv building his e-sports writing and shout casting career.


Writer, Scheduler, Shoutcaster, Interviewer

Patrick, or "Fear", has been on the scene since the release of the Quake III demo. He started off playing ictf and decided to stick to it for his 10 year career in Quake III. With the ictf community in Q3 coming to an abrupt halt, it was time to move on to Quake Live and begin his all weapons career. With his love for the game, he decided to join the QL.tv team in hopes of bringing extra coverage and articles to the community.


IRC Moderator
RottenRose met the QLTV staff at Quakecon 2009 and joined up as their photographer. Later she ended up in their irc channel and has been helping out since.


Writer / Interviewer

gnnr (gunner) has been gaming since he was seven and played quake, quake2 and quake 3 growing up. In college he worked at the school radio station and got his first glimpse of working with live content. gnnr started volunteering with QLtv early in 2010 as a staff writer, and since also helps with casting and community support.


Technical Guru #2
Alex "Scimech" Kennedy.


Shoutcaster / Interviewer

Jim "SaBowlFK" Skowronski aka Bowl has played First Person shooters since the late 90's, including CounterStrike Source, Team Fortress 2, Quake 2, 3 and the Unreal series. He helps with shoutcasting, interviewing and organizational work. Bowl will also be at QuakeCon 2010 helping out.



Counter-Strike kid turned Quake junkie, streaming Quake Live because he loves watching the game despite the fact he isn't worth a GL spawn on ZTN at it.