Postgame Report: f27 vs d|
by zamN
May 15, 2009 4:22am

Tonight's shoutcast featured the National Gaming League's Quarter Finals between the 4th seed focus27 and the 9th seed Defiance. While the games weren't very close in score, they were extremely fast paced and packed with action. We saw some clutches, beautiful rocket jumps, and even sweeter rails. Impressive shots all around, and Defiance never showed signs of giving up even when f27 was dominating.

On the first map, Aslyum, wreck lived up to his name as he maintained an impressive 2.0 k/d ratio for the entire set.  His rail was on fire, and his multiple impressives were a clear indicator of his 44% accuracy. At the end of the set, gamma nailed a beautiful reflex shot onto relapse. During the broadcast, Mattc0m detailed focus27's strategy: get their opponents weak with the rail and then rush in together, shafting their opponents. While Defiance started to catch up towards the end of the first map, f27 was just too hot for them.

On Campgrounds Redux, ben laid down the law with his rail.  Carnage managed to get out of a sticky situation when he rocket jumped at least 5 times to boost himself away from 3 attackers.  Both teams made great use of team shotting and had solid teamwork, but f27 seemed to have better chemistry and were more able to move around the map as one, giving them the uppper hand for most rounds.

The next matchup for focus27 will be against death strikers to complete the Winners Bracket. Since the tournament is double elimination, the Losers Bracket victors will be playing whoever comes out on top of the f27 v. death strikers match.  Stay glued to QLTV and our continuing coverage of the NGL to see who ultimately wins the Clan Arena 4v4 tournament!




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nice writeup
May 19, 2009
May 17, 2009
Nice, I suppose stats will be posted in post game writeups, in the form of screenshots. Check back for end game stats!
May 15, 2009
Great match... I loved casting it!
May 15, 2009

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