QuakeLive.tv Site Tutorial

This page will briefly explain some of the features and offer tips when navigating the QLTV website.

Upcoming Matches, Match History Team and League Pages

  • Clicking on the logo of a team, player or league will show you their match history.

  • Hovering the mouse over the icons in the team or duelist boxes will display information about them. Similarly, Duel icons in the Recent and Featured Matches Sidebar can be hovered over for more details.

  • Clicking on the "VOD" icon of a team, duelist or league will take you to the media player and generate a playlist that features all of their VODs.

User Profile

Once logged in, you can view or edit your profile settings at any time using the Profile button at the top of the screen.

  • Recent Matches - You can choose whether or not you want to see the list of recent matches on the Sidebar. If visible, you can also set how many recent matches show up in the list.

  • Featured Matches - As with Recent matches, you can toggle the visibility of Featured Matches and set the number of matches that get listed.

  • Recent Comment Notices - If you make a comment on a news story or VOD and someone else adds another comment to it, the site can notify you of the reply. If these are visible, you can also set the number of days after which comment notices should expire. For example, if you set the expiration value to 2 days, you will get notices for the comment replies that have occurred within two days of your current visit.

  • Recent Demo Notices - Similar to Recent Coments, Demo Notices will let you know of any new uploads to the Demo Box. The expiration setting functions in the same way as the Comments notice.

  • View Polls - You can toggle the visibility of any polls that are displayed in the Sidebar.

  • New User Tips - Chances are, you landed on this tutorial page by clicking on the link in the New User Tips portion of the Sidebar. You can hide this Sidebar feature if desired.

  • Score Preferences - By popular demand, QLTV allows users to choose whether or not scores show up on the match history or media player pages. This is handy if you don't have a chance to watch our shoutcasts live and don't want to know the final score of matches before watching the VODs.

Live Video Stream Page

  • Video Stream - The video feed will be displayed in the main area of the web page. You can click the button in the right-hand corner to make the video full screen.

    Usually, QuakeLive.tv will use Ustream.tv to stream its video to the masses. However, in case there are technical difficulties with the primary stream provider (UStream.tv), QuakeLive.tv is prepared to switch over to a backup provider (Justin.tv). If the shoutcasters instruct you to do so, you can click "Go To Backup Stream" to quickly switch video feeds. Under normal circumstances, however, the Backup Stream will not be used.

  • Chat - QuakeLive.tv has an IRC client embedded straight in the page so you can watch the video and chat with other viewers at the same time. Your QuakeLive.tv username is already entered into the "Choose a nickname" field, though we add "|QLTV" to your name by default to avoid nickname conflicts. If you're sure your username is unique, you can remove the |QLTV or change your nickname altogether.

    This embedded client connects to our official IRC channel, #ql.tv on Quakenet.org. To use this client, simply click the connect button. Joining the #ql.tv channel will be automated. If you prefer to use your own external client, like mIRC, you are welcome to do so, but please use one client or the other, not both.

  • Polls - Polls will appear automatically during the shoutcast without interrupting the video feed. Voting in the poll will also not impact the video stream playback and once you've voted, you'll get poll result updates automatically every 30 seconds or so without having to lift a finger.